We offer FREE DELIVERY to many areas. If you desire some of the more desolate areas like Serene Lakes, Jackson Meadows, Webber, Stampede, Prosser, or Boca we may require a minimum rental amount but feel free to give us a call to arrange your rental.


11’6” Paddle Board Rentals

We offer the very versatile NSP 11’6” stand up paddle board because of its large volume we believe it to be one of the most stable and fun paddle board rentals out there. It is a pure delight to paddle in any condition at anytime. If you’re a beginner or pro it doesn’t matter this board can Surf or navigate flat water with extreme ease.

8 hour rental –  $65.00

24 hour rental –  $80.00

Multi-day rental(per day) – $65.00

Weekly rental –  $325.00

Includes: Paddle, Life jacket, Leash, Tax, Delivery, and instructional for beginners.





our paddle boards are the best for beginners or larger paddlers looking to have a good time on Tahoe.

the greatest paddle board ever


11′ Emotion Temptation Kayak Rentals

We offer the safe, stable, and comfortable 11′ Emotion Temptation sit on top kayak.  this is a great kayak for beginners and pros alike. With built in transportation wheel, 2 open air storage compartments, and 1 storage hatch it is perfect for that all day adventure.

8 hour –  $65.00

24 hour –  $80.00

Multi-day(per day) –  $65.00

Weekly –  $325.00

Includes: Paddle, Life jacket, Tax, Delivery, and instructional for beginners.









 kayak with dog



Super stable kayaks for rent delivered to the greater north lake Tahoe, Truckee, Donner area.


12′ Emotion Spitfire Tandem Kayak Rentals

The Emotion Spitfire 12′ Kayak has the stability and performance of a smaller kayak with added features and upgrades, taking kayaking to the next level. This tandem kayak is stable for play time and has amazing speed and tracking to get you to your destination. The quick release CRS + UltraLite Seats, Freedom Footwells to fit any size paddler, center hatch for storage, rear tankwell with Cargo Net Lacing System, and innovative Easy Roll Skeg Wheel makes this the perfect kayak for a day on the water. Two paddles are included to get you out on the water today! Weight Capacity 500lbs

8 hour –  $95.00

24 hour –  $110.00

Multi-day(per day) –  $95.00

Weekly –  $475.00

Includes: Paddles, Life jackets, Tax, Delivery, and instructional for beginners.










17″ Coleman Canoe Rentals

We offer the Coleman 17′ Canoe. It is a stable and comfortable paddle that is the perfect activity for family, friends, or couples looking to explore our many local bodies of water. Come explore the Truckee River, Prosser, Stampede, Boca reservoirs, or enjoy the beauty of Serene Lakes. These are just a few of the hidden gems of the Truckee, Tahoe, Donner area.

8 hour –  $80.00

24 hour –  $95.00

Multi-day(per day) –  $80.00

Weekly –  $380.00

Includes: Paddles, Life jackets, Tax Delivery, and instructional for beginners.

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Great canoe for the family to rent picture taken on the Truckee River.